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Change the way you manage your rail data

Rail management simplified
Our Story

We are dedicated engineers pushing the industry with simplified, modern, data-rich software and automation technology

Our Vision

Automation, data, and modern software platforms to streamline rail operations


Our software platform allows for simpler management of the yard environment through process automation and its easy-to-use user interface.

Who are we
Rail Technology; Yard Management Software
Rail Automation


Simple is intuitive and Trackage makes railyard management as simple as possible with drag and drop rail car movement and simplified task completion through automation.

Rail Technology


We take human error out of the equation by automating everything from switch list making to billing and general administrative tasks. Rail management software has never been as simple or as capable.


Our smart dashboard allows users to quickly and immediately build an understanding of the current state of their fleet. 

Yard Management Software
How it works

"Simplified the day to day management of our operation"

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