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Customer Focused

Meeting customer needs is a core value of ReThink Rail. We work to adapt to our customers' needs to provide the solution they need and aide in streamlining customer processes. We grow with our customers, offering both integrated solutions and stand-alone solutions to inventory management, railyard optimization, and operational oversight.

Technology Focused

Our software and hardware advancements allow our customers greater insight into their operations, allowing managers and operators to make real-time decisions for better decision making, plan more effectively, and provide a safer work environment for crews.


Our software is built first and foremost for the operator, yardmaster, or field manager to make their job easier and provide them the information they need to effectively manage the railyard, warehouse, or port environment. Through intuitive functionality, we have created a suite of technologies which are easy to integrate and easy to use from day one. 

Our hardware solutions integrate seamlessly into our software to give both historic and real-time feedback to operator and managers to better maintain an effective and safe work environment. Through interconnectivity of the rail yard, warehouse, or port environment, we are able to display the 'vitals' of our customers' operation and allow them a more in-depth look into their operations than before. 

Efficiency Focused

We strive to place the right information in front of our customers to help them to make the right decisions. Through our software and hardware solutions, rail operators have been able to see into their operations like never before. Through integration of both external data sources, user created data, and the data we are able to collect day to day as the software is utilized, we are able to aide our customers in predicting where resources need to be allocated, where inventory needs to be stored, and better understand their operations. 

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