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ReThinking a system after decades without change and leading rail into Industry 4.0

IoT for existing rail operations and a step towards our future of fully autonomous industrial rail

Leveraging our existing systems to develop and create a clean progression from current operations to future operations


Data and Optimization of Existing Operations

Integration of IoT into the Railroad Environment



Introduce Technology to Reduce Workload and Increase Safety

Fully Autonomous Rail Operations


InSightful Technology

- Improve Now -

- Real-Time Locomotive and Rail Car GPS -  
Monitor Operations, Build Data

Switch Sensors -
Remain Aware, Collect Data

- Crew Handhelds -
Increase Safety, Increase Crew Situational Awareness

- In the Works -

- Remote Actuating Switches -
Reduce manpower, increase efficiency, and increase safety

ReThink Your Future

- We are Developing the Future of the Industry - 

Take steps towards the future of the rail industry with us as we develop the technologies the industry needs to move towards fully automated rail operations. All of our current technologies integrate into cloud based software to create a dynamic rail suite that is ready to grow and evolve with you.

Partner with Us.

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